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Melinda Hughes-Berland

Melinda Hughes-Berland

Artist / Photographer


Melinda Hughes-Berland is a recognized award-winning professional photographer with over 38 years of experience, including the photography of people, places and both animate and inanimate objects, large and small.

Unique within her trade, Melinda has been through the "wars", from shooting horses (the internationally known Tevis Cup Endurance Ride) to photo-journalistic images that have been reproduced on numerous book jackets and graced a multitude of magazine covers.

She provides the "magical" moments for "people" photography and lasting, evocative images of client products and architectural edifaces, all contained within her eclectic photographic style. Melinda always strives to express the balance of creative and classic photographic styles and techniques.

Her current endeavor, fulfills the need to go beyond mere photography and into the realm of the painter. As an artist, Melinda has always wanted to combine her love of horses and wild animals with her creative talents. Her new "paintings" allow her to express those feelings and emotions in a tangible form. All the background imagery photographed for each finished art piece were taken from organic elements of the earth - stone, wood and floral.

Recent awards include the best of division at the Western States Horse Expo event for Green Canyon Run.

Melinda is a Certified Master Photographer through the Professional Photographers of America and is a member of the Professional Photographers of California and a past president of the Professional Photographers of the Redwood Empire.

Most recent awards include the prestigious Diamond Photographer of the Year for 2011 in the international Photographic Competition for PPA. Photographer of The Year and Print of The Year through PPRE in 2006. Melinda was also honored with the Portrait of The Year in 2006 through the Professional Photographers of the Greater Bay Area. She has also received 28 Merit Awards through PPA National.

Enjoy the images!!!


Red Sky Run


Celestial Stallions


Wild and Free


Meadow Stallion


Fall's Fancy


A Summer Night's Dream


Comin' Home


Above the Storm




Wild Spirit


Fancy Dancer


Jaguar Falls


Secret Garden Hideout


Meadow Retreat


Night Play


The Guard at the Temple


Play Day


Gone With the Wind


Peek a Boo


The Edge of the Earth


Purple Safari Sunset


The Emperor's Stallion


Moon struck


Sun Kissed


Bright Spirit